The Triple Burner – Relationship with Pericardium by Giovanni Maciocia

Triple Burner

This is the 6th and last installment of the discussion on the Triple Burner. 6) Relationship between Triple Burner and Pericardium Although they are interiorly-exteriorly related, the relationship between Pericardium and Triple Burner is somewhat tenuous: such a relationship is more applicable to the channels, rather than to the organs themselves.The Nei Jing and Nan … Read More

Chinese Medicine and The Triple Burner (3)

Triple Burner

In a previous Clinical Tip, we discussed the role of the Triple Burner as the avenues of fluids, a view deriving primarily from the Nei Jing. Also, in the previous Clinical Tip, we discussed that of the Triple Burner as the agent of the Yuan Qi, a view deriving primarily from the Nan Jing. We … Read More

Chinese Medicine: The Triple Burner

Triple Burner

The Triple Burner is probably the most widely discussed topic on Chinese medicine and, over the centuries, there have been many different theories on its nature. In this Clinical Tip, I will try to elucidate the main ideas on the nature of the Triple Burner and it will probably take more than one Clinical Tip. … Read More

Acupuncture: Bl-22 Sanjiaoshu

Acupuncture Points

Since the previous Clinical Tips were about the Swollen tongue and Phlegm, the use of acupuncture to resolve Dampness and Phlegm and the use of ST-40 to resolve Phlegm, I would like to stay with the subject of fluids pathology and discuss the use of the point BL-22 Sanjiaoshu. I have mentioned this point in … Read More

Resolving Dampness and Phlegm with Acupuncture

Triple Burner

When I give lectures I often hear that “ST-40 resolves Phlegm”: I wish! Resolving Phlegm involves much more than simply using ST-40. In order to resolve Dampness or Phlegm, it is necessary to activate the Three Burners. The Triple Burner is described in the Nei Jing as the official in charge of irrigation: this means … Read More