Du-24 Shenting (Spirit Courtyard)

Du-24 is a very important and powerful point to calm the Mind.

It is frequently combined with G.B.-13 Benshen for severe anxiety and fears.An important feature of this point which makes it particularly useful is that it can both calm and lift the Mind: therefore it is used not only for anxiety and insomnia but also for depression and sadness. It is also used in psychiatric practice for schizophrenia and manic behaviour.

The name of this point refers to its strong influence on the Mind and Spirit. The courtyard was traditionally considered to be a very important part of the traditional Chinese house as it was the one that gave the first impression to visitors; it is the entrance. Thus, this point could be said to be the “entrance” to the Mind and Spirit and its being a courtyard, highlights its importance. Being the “entrance”, it controls our relationships with others.

I call this point the “arena of Shen and Hun”: this point regulates the movement of the Hun. When the movement of the Hun is excessive, the person is slightly manic; when deficient, the person is depressed. This point regulates the movement of the Hun and the control of the Shen over the Hun.The point combines very well with Ren-15 Jiuwei to calm the Shen and lift mood in both anxiety and depression.