Chemotherapy and Anti-Oxidants

Anti-Oxidants, Cancer, Chemotherapy

In the past few years it has become common practice by oncologists to advise patients who are undergoing chemotherapy not to take anti-oxidant supplements. The reasoning behind this advice is that chemotherapy destroys cancer cells by inducing free radicals and by promoting oxidation of the cancer cells. Antioxidants, on the contrary, do the exact opposite, … Read More

The Treatment of Cancer with Chinese Medicine – Part 2


This is the second part of the discussion of cancer in Chinese medicine. I am listing below the herbs that are most commonly used in cancer classified according to pattern. CANCER HERBS CLASSIFIED ACCORDING TO PATTERN STASIS OF BLOOD Ru Xiang Gummi Olibanum, Mo Yao Myrrha, San Leng Rhizoma Sparganii stoloniferi, E Zhu Rhizoma Curcumae … Read More

The Treatment of Cancer with Chinese Medicine


I am presenting here the Chinese medicine view of cancer with patterns, treatment principle, herbs and herbal formulae. Very many of our patient have or have had cancer (or will have cancer) and, for this reason, I think it is extremely important to understand cancer from the point of view of Chinese medicine, even if … Read More

Chemotherapy and Chemo-Support


It is now 16 years since the Three Treasures remedy Chemo-Support was introduced. This remedy aims at lessening the side-effects of chemotherapy by tonifying Qi and Yin, clearing Heat, resolving Dampness and allaying nausea and vomiting. It has been used by hundreds (if not thousands) of patients world-wide. The Three Treasures website explains the use … Read More