Spleen-Yin Deficiency


It is often said that the Spleen can suffer only from Yang deficiency: it is true that this is a very common pathology of the Spleen but not the only one. Indeed, the Spleen can suffer from Yin deficiency. A deficiency of Spleen-Yin does not usually occur on its own but it is associated with … Read More

My Favourite Point: G.b.-13 Benshen Spirit Root

Acupuncture Points, Calm the Mind

a) NaturePoint of the Yang Linking Vessel (Yang Wei Mai). Meeting point of the 3 Yang Muscle channels of the arm.b) Actions- Calms the Mind (Shen) and settles the Ethereal Soul (Hin)- Subdues Liver-Yang- Extinguishes Wind- Resolves Phlegm- Gathers Essence (Jing) to the head- Clears the brain.c) IndicationsManic behaviour, frightHeadache, dizzinessEpilepsy, hemiplegia, convulsionsVomiting of foamy … Read More

Stomach Crack on the Tongue

Tongue Diagnosis

The Stomach crack on the tongue is rather wide and it is in the central section of the tongue (corresponding to Middle Burner). To contrast and compare the Heart and Stomach cracks, the former is rather narrow and runs all along the tongue from near the root to near the tip, while the latter is … Read More

My Favourite Herbal Formula – Gan Mai Da Zao Tang

Herbal Formulae

Gan Mai Da Zao Tang Glycyrrhiza-Triticum-Jujuba Decoction is first mentioned in the Jin Gui Yao Lue by Zhang Zhong Jing (220 AD). It is in chapter 22 “Pulses and Patterns of Complicated Women’s Diseases”. Zhang Zhong Jing says “Women suffering from anxiety are affected by sadness and crying, they are like lost souls [shen ling] … Read More

Clinical Tip of the Day no. 3

Tongue Diagnosis

A red tip of the tongue is very common. The tip corresponds to the Heart and the Shen and a redness of the tip always indicates emotional stress affecting the Heart: the redder the tip, the more intense the stress. Why is the tip affected and why does it become red? The Heart is affected … Read More

My Favourite Points – no. 2

Acupuncture Points, Qi

LU-3 Tianfu (3 cun below axillary fold) Window of Heaven point. These points regulate the ascending and descending of Qi from the body to and from the head: they do so in the crucial neck area. Therefore, they can both subdue rebellious Qi and promote the ascending of clear Qi to the head. On a … Read More

My Favourite Points

Calm the Mind

Du-24 Shenting (Spirit Courtyard) Du-24 is a very important and powerful point to calm the Mind. It is frequently combined with G.B.-13 Benshen for severe anxiety and fears.An important feature of this point which makes it particularly useful is that it can both calm and lift the Mind: therefore it is used not only for … Read More

Clinical tip of the day no. 2 – Heart crack

Heart Crack, Tongue Diagnosis

The Heart crack on the tongue is relatively common. This crack is in the midline extending from near the root to near the tip; it therefore extends nearly the whole length of the tongue. The Heart crack indicates the constitutional tendency to mental-emotional problems: the deeper the crack, the stronger this tendency. If the Heart … Read More

The View of Tobacco in Chinese Medicine


– Tobacco was introduced in China in 1575. – The Zhen Nan Ben Cao (Ming) concludes that tobacco is pungent in taste, hot and toxic without any medicinal effect. – The Ben Cao Cong Xin says “People nowadays inhale smoke down to the throat: this damages Blood and the voice.” – Emperor Chong Zhen (Ming) … Read More

Clinical Tip of the Day


When treating the elderly, we should not over-emphasize Kidney deficiency. Yes, most elderly people (though not all) will suffer from some form of Kidney deficiency but the most serious diseases of the elderly are caused by Phlegm, Blood stasis and internal Wind. These three pathogenic factors play a role in the pathology of stroke, coronary … Read More