Cosmological Sequence of the 5 Elements – Part 3

Five Elements

In the first Clinical Tip we discussed the possible origin of the theory of the 5 Elements and the connection between the ancient Four Directions and the Cosmological arrangement of the 5 Elements (with Earth in the Centre). In the second Clinical Tip we discussed the clinical application of the Cosmological Sequence of the 5 … Read More

Cosmological Sequence of the 5 Elements – Part 2

Five Elements

In the previous Clinical Tip I discussed the clinical application of the Cosmological sequence of the 5 Elements, i.e. the one placing the 5 Elements in the form of a cross. I concentrated on the “vertical” relationship between Fire and Water and between Heart and Kidneys. In this Clinical Tip, I will discuss the clinical … Read More

Stomach-Yin Deficiency

Tongue Diagnosis

STOMACH-YIN DEFICIENCY Aetiology The Stomach is a Yang organ but it frequently suffers from Yin deficiency. Indeed, I would say that Stomach-Yin deficiency is very common in the patients we see. The cause of Stomach-Yin deficiency is irregular eating habits. That includes eating late at night, eating in a hurry, eating while working, eating standing … Read More

The Treatment of Male Problems in Chinese Medicine

Male Reproductive Health

While Chinese medicine has a rich tradition in the diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological problems, fewer ancient or modern texts are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of men’s problems. For example, Chinese medicine refers to the “Uterus” in all its classic texts, but no mention is ever made of the prostate. The Du Mai, … Read More

An Important Article by Chris Dhaenens on Aristolochia

Giovanni Maciocia

ARISTOLOCHIA: THE MALIGNANT LIE AND THE BENIGN TRUTH Chris Dhaenens Journal of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (UK), Spring 2013, Vol. 10, no. 1. This article was commissioned in response to a recent piece in the Lancet (Daniel Kell, Justin Stebbing. ‘Aristolochia: the malignant truth’) published under ‘Quackery’ rubric, in 14 January 2013 … Read More

The Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis (“Hay Fever”)


The main clinical manifestations of allergic rhinitis (“hay fever”) are nasal congestion, a watery nasal discharge and sneezing. In a few cases it affects the eyes and the conjunctiva may become red and itchy. In 20% of cases there is also asthma in conjunction with the rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is due to an antigen-antibody reaction … Read More

The Heart Channel Functions Part – 2

Channels, Heart Channel

Backache I often use points of the Heart channel for lower backache, particularly in men. The reason is the same as that given for the use of these points for men’s sexual problems: the Heart is like an “Upper Kidney” and it therefore naturally influences the lower back. I find that the point HE-7 Shenmen … Read More

The Exterior, Interior and Pivot of Channels


Chapter 6 of the Su Wen introduces the concept of channels “opening onto the exterior” (or being the “opening”), closing onto the interior (or “being the door leaf”) and being the pivot (or hinge). In this chapter the order for the Yang channels is as follows: Tai Yang opens Yang Ming closes Shao Yang is … Read More

The Heart Channel: More Than The Shen

Heart Channel

The Heart houses the Shen and its most important clinical use is for mental emotional problems. This article will explore the clinical use of the Heart channel for uses other than for mental-emotional problems. The uses of the Heart channel for problems other than Shen problems discussed are listed below: Itching Sexual function in men … Read More