The Treatment of Cancer with Chinese Medicine – Part 2


This is the second part of the discussion of cancer in Chinese medicine. I am listing below the herbs that are most commonly used in cancer classified according to pattern. CANCER HERBS CLASSIFIED ACCORDING TO PATTERN STASIS OF BLOOD Ru Xiang Gummi Olibanum, Mo Yao Myrrha, San Leng Rhizoma Sparganii stoloniferi, E Zhu Rhizoma Curcumae … Read More

The Treatment of Cancer with Chinese Medicine


I am presenting here the Chinese medicine view of cancer with patterns, treatment principle, herbs and herbal formulae. Very many of our patient have or have had cancer (or will have cancer) and, for this reason, I think it is extremely important to understand cancer from the point of view of Chinese medicine, even if … Read More

The Sides of the Tongue in Chinese Medicine

Tongue Diagnosis

As the previous blog on the chest/breast area of the tongue has aroused some questions about the sides of the tongue, I would like to clarify some diagnostic aspects of the sides of the tongue. Of course the sides of the tongue reflect the state of the Liver but there are circumstances when they reflect … Read More

Chinese Medicine: Spleen-Yin Deficiency

Spleen, Tongue Diagnosis

When we study the pathology of the Internal Organs, for the Spleen, we generally emphasize Spleen-Qi and Spleen-Yang deficiency. This is understandable as these two patterns are indeed extremely common. By contrast, when it comes to the Stomach, we do mention Stomach-Yin deficiency. In fact, some people say that this is a well-known contradiction: the … Read More

Itching in Chinese Medicine


Itching is a symptom that accompanies many diseases and patterns. The main pathogenic factors that cause itching are: Heat External Wind Wind in the skin Dampness Blood deficiency For each pathogenic factor I will give the general acupuncture points for treatment. Please note that these are only general points and other points depend on the … Read More

Diagnostic Differentiation of Digestive Symptoms by Giovanni Maciocia


In this blog post, I will discuss the diagnostic differentiation between various digestive symptoms and specifically, a feeling of distension, fullness, oppression and stuffiness. A feeling of DISTENSION (zhang 胀) indicates stagnation of Qi. This type of sensation will be seldom referred to as “distension” by Western patients: more often than not, patients will call … Read More

Chinese Medicine: Stomach-Yin Deficiency

Tongue Diagnosis

STOMACH-YIN DEFICIENCY Aetiology The Stomach is a Yang organ but it frequently suffers from Yin deficiency. Indeed, I would say that Stomach-Yin deficiency is very common in the patients we see. The cause of Stomach-Yin deficiency is irregular eating habits. That includes eating late at night, eating in a hurry, eating while working, eating standing … Read More