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The Channels of Acupuncture

This, ‘The Channels of Acupuncture’, is Giovanni’s latest book. The focus is upon the Luo, Muscle and Divergent secondary channels, the Cou Li and Huang membranes, and the Eight Extraordinary Channels in addition to the Main Channels.  However, over a third of the book is dedicated to the Eight Extraordinary Channels providing the reader with the most in-depth information available in the English language. Giovanni gives unique insights from his 33 years of clinical practice combined with an unparalleled and detailed interpretation of the classical texts.  With his trademark, crystal clear writing style and superb colour drawings, Giovanni illuminates the pathways, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of all the channels.

Giovanni brings to life the use of acupuncture points according to the dynamics of the Qi in the channel system, not just the use of points according to their function. To give an example: LIV-3 Taichong may be selected for its function of moving stagnant Liver-Qi. However, combining it with LI-4 Hegu achieves a balance of Yin and Yang, alongside a balance of arm and leg channels. When moving Qi, a combination of arm and leg points boosts the Qi-moving effect of the points. Therefore, LIV-3 is seen in both the context of its function and the Qi dynamics of the channel system.

Contents include:

  • The Channel System
  • Divergent Channels (Jing Bie)
  • Main Channels
  • Cutaneous Regions
  • Connecting Channels (Luo Mai)
  • Eight Extraordinary Vessels
  • Muscle Channels (Jing Jin)
  • The Integration of Muscle and Connecting Channels

Special features include:

  • Extremely clear, colour illustrations and diagrams throughout, perfect for people who have a pictorial memory
  • Summary boxes at the end of each section, highlighting key points
  • A rich selection of case histories throughout
  • Over a third of the book dedicated to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels: their clinical applications and classical indications, details on each point of the channel, and herbal therapy

Published by Elsevier Ltd - Churchill Livingstone imprint

First edition 2006, 768 pages

ISBN-10: 0-443-07491-7

ISBN-13: 978-0-443-07491-2

Giovanni Maciocia has done it again! This fascinating book goes to a level and depth of understanding about the dynamics of Qi and the channel system never seen before in English… Of special note are twelve superb chapters that explain everything a practitioner ever wanted to know about the eight extraordinary channels. This is a must-have book that is bound to enrich the practice of every acupuncturist.

Angela and John Hicks

Directors of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading

An outstanding reference book that probes and illuminates the classics with Giovanni Maciocia’s own modern insights into acupuncture. This tome is the most comprehensive text available on the acupuncture channels.

Professor Alan Bensoussan

Chinese Medicine, University of Western Sydney

Giovanni Maciocia has succeeded again in distilling the essence of Chinese medicine… There are many references to his personal experience as a practitioner, yet always from the perspective of a solid grounding in the classics. This book is a welcome addition to the literature available for practitioners as it places acupuncture firmly in the context of the whole practice of Chinese medicine.

Dr Steve Gascoigne M.B., Ch.B., C.Ac. (Shanghai), Dip. CHM

The Clinic of Chinese Medicine, Cork, Ireland


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